The COSC-certified Seascoper 600 is TITONI’s latest diver’s watch. Tough and extremely comfortable to wear, it is the ideal companion for professional divers wishing to explore underwater worlds.

TITONI presents a whole new generation of diver’s watches with its COSC-certified Seascoper 600: tough and very comfortable to wear, the latest model satisfies the highest standards and is the ideal companion for professional divers wishing to explore underwater worlds.

TITONI cooperates with the well-known research diver and internationally famous marine biologist Uli Kunz, who shared his diving expertise for the development and roll-out of the new Seascoper 600. Uli Kunz, who is also an excellent photographer, had a key interest in unravelling the secrets of the oceans for many years.

The Seascoper 600, a COSC-certified chronometer, is fitted with our own T10 manufacture movement and is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 600 metres What is most striking about the Seascoper 600 is the brilliant combination of ruggedness and sportsmanlike design. The ceramic bezel can be rotated anti-clockwise and is characterised by its striking dive time scale. The outer edge of the bezel is serrated to make it easy to grasp when setting and adjusting the dive time. The triangular zero mark has a luminous dot so that the dive time can be read perfectly, even in dark and murky water. The indices, hours and hands are coated with luminous paint and glow brightly in the dark so that the diver can safely check how long they have been underwater at any time

The Seascoper 600’s helium release valve, developed specially for professional divers, protects the device from being damaged when the diver surfaces from great depths. Another striking design feature of the Seascoper 600 is the transparent back of its case. Shaped like a porthole and screwed into place, it offers a fascinating view of the T10 manufacture movement. The folding clasp, designed specifically for this model, is another eye-catcher. With a clever diver’s extension, it not only guarantees the highest wearing comfort and safety but also bears the quality seal of approval of every TITONI watch on its push-button, the plum blossom logo.


83600 S-BE-255

83600 SY-BK-256

83600 S-BK-256

The latest highlight of the Seascoper 600 is the peppy strap made of ocean plastic, which is produced by the Swiss company Tide Ocean SA on behalf of TITONI. The company founded by innovative entrepreneurs specializes in the collection and the upcycling of plastic in our oceans. The plastic is transformed into premium granules and yarns and used for our watch straps. Thanks to this cooperation, TITONI makes a valuable contribution to reducing the use of virgin raw materials. The environmentally friendly strap looks fresh and lively and ensures supreme wearing comfort.