The Alpina Brand is another world-class Swiss watch brand to become a family member of Swiss Time Square. It’s a watch brand that’s been around since 1883 when Swiss watchmaker Gottlieb Hauser founded it.

To delve deeper into its founding, Gottlieb Hauser first gathered leading Swiss independent watchmakers as the Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation, commonly known as the Alpinists. Since their inception, they have focused on the quality of their watches to be strong and sturdy through high-quality DNA. Speaking on all the aviators watches of the 20th Century, the way Alpina’s reliable and distinct pilot’s watches took a significant position on the global stage is an exceptional feat.

There is a multitude of beautiful, high-end, luxurious, high-quality, and stylish watch brands around the world. They enjoy their own status, their own quality and their own considerable journey to success. The Alpina brand is one such brand that is smart, stylish and of the highest quality. Summarizing all the brands, you can see they are all top class.

But look at them individually and you will see the beauty and style unique to each of them. Alpina too is distinctive from the rest in its own style. The signature Alpina logo of a watch circle inside an equilateral triangle and their name can be found on all their products and offer a certain attractive quality.

One more thing worth mentioning is that while most brands have been giving international guarantees for some time, Alpina has been guaranteeing its quality internationally since 1926 and is the first watch brand to do so.

Alpina produces sports watches for a variety of adventures. Alpina watches were sold in more than 2,000 watch shops across Europe in 1920 in the wake of WWII. After a period of success they strayed into uncertainty about their objectives and path in 1980, according to some global horologists.

That is why the founder of Frederique Constant, Peter Stas, acquired the Alpina brand in 2002 given his respect of its rich history. As such, Alpina continues on its journey to produce professional sports watches in line with its original objectives of good design, innovation and high quality under the umbrella of Frederique Constant.

Alpina got back on success with this mission and have partnered with adventurers from numerous fields as their brand ambassadors. These ambassadors include successful athletes from adventure sports such as skiers, snowboarders, free riders, ice skaters, divers and skippers.
Alpina has certain principles on this road to success: “BE PERSEVERANT, THINK INDEPENDENTLY, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS and DON’T FORGET YOUR ROOTS”.

Now, let’s take a look at some of Alpina’s collections.

Their collections can be categorized into Land, Air, Sea, Ladies’ Watches and Smartwatches. Their categories are like no other brand. It’s pretty cool. What will you fancy? Land, sea or air? Then you choose from one of the categories to your heart’s content.

Land / Alpiner
You will see watches similar to the historically famous Alpiner 4, the new name for the Alpina 4, in this collection. First produced in 1933 as the first modern Swiss sports watch, the Alpina 4 has four essential features: being antimagnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant and stainless steel. The Alpiners made these days are more extravagant.

Air / Startimer
Produced since 1920, they gained success as pilot watches and are still offer fantastic support in the aviator world. These watches are now upgraded with the latest technology and quality and outfitted with clean and legible dials and the mesmerizing traditional oversized crowns.

Sea / Seastrong
The thick case bezel is a favourite among divers for its resilience and comes with other amazing features. This collection has a wide assortment of colors to choose from and all the watches have a water resistance depth of 300 meters.

The Ladies Collection is equally elegant and beautiful and you don’t need to travel anywhere abroad to physically touch and admire Alpina brand watches yourself. Just make your way down to Swiss Time Square. They promise prices and guarantees matching global standards.